Our Story



FRAMED New York is an independently-owned eyewear brand created with the intention of blessing faces everywhere with handmade frames that are wild, audacious, and utterly distinctive as they are functional.

Our mission is to AMPLIFY THE HUMAN SPIRIT by crafting products that reflect the passion and originality inherent in each individual. 

Our creative approach is deeply rooted in and influenced by the dynamic cultures of New York City.


Materials matter

We utilize a variety of custom acetate blends in our frames; these handmade polymers are 100% naturally sourced and produce long-lasting, lightweight, colorful, distinctive designs. Our design team creates custom art with acetate molds, including one-of-a-kind works you simply can't find anywhere else.


Creative Collaboration

At FRAMED New York, we believe that impact is best achieved when people come together in creation of truly unique concepts that push culture forward. We support embracing the power of the collective over the power of the individual. We welcome collaborative co-creation across all creative disciplines.

Interested in working with us? FRAMED invites you to write us at us at info@framednewyork.com with the subject line "Collaboration."


Contact us

Have questions? Comments? We're delighted to hear from you. Write us at info@framednewyork.com